Print spooling really slow

I'm getting really frustrated with X6 - again.

Files that used to print almost instantly with X5, X3 and earlier versions of DRAW now take anywhere from a minute to 10 minutes before my large format Epson inkjet begins printing. I can see my hard drive is working really hard to spool documents from X6 and it slows down any other programs I try to use while waiting for a job to print. Anyone have any ideas as to how to resolve this issue? It's really messing up my workflow. I suppose I could just go back to using X5 - But then: What the heck was the point in upgrading?

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  • X6 performs some tasks in background, including saving, exporting and printing.

    This means you can get on with further editing work while the background task completes, without you having to wait for it to complete first, but it may not always work so quickly in background.

    You can try turning background tasks off -- the option is at tools > options > global.

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