Embedding Origin Pro graphs with transparency mode fails in a CorelDraw

Hi all,

I've created a simple graph of an area painted with some transparency in Origin Pro 9.1(such as this:    http://www.originlab.com/www/products/GraphGallery.aspx?GID=228), and copied and pasted it on a blank CorelDraw X6 file. The area in the embedded image looks checker board pattern, not transparent as in the original image.

The problem appears to be within CorelDraw, as the embedded link to Origin software works fine, and an embedded image of the same graph  in Microsoft PowerPoint looks just fine.

I've tired combinations of earlier Origin versions (9.0, 8.5) , CorelDrawX3, XP and Windows7(32bit, 64bit). All failed.

Does anybody know a clue to this?

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  • I have the same problem.  From OriginPro 2018 I am using Edit > copy page and then pasting it into CorelDraw x7 (64bit).  The first image below shows a section from the originPro file with 30% transparency of the markers.  The second image shows a section of the same plot after pasting into CorelDraw.  When I paste it into a Microsoft Word document, it works without a problem.  When I export the originPro image to a PDF file, it also works well and then I can import the PDF successfully into CorelDraw but I can no longer click on the image in CorelDraw to open it in OriginPro.  So, I need a solution to paste it directly from OriginPro to CorelDraw.  Any tips would be much appreciated. 


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