Importing Old Corel files -- Need version 7 I guess

Have a couple dozen old corel files.   I installed version 3 on an xp virtual machine and they won't open in that.  I installed version 9 and they won't open in that.  I guess most of them them were created with version 4 or 5 (been using corel for a long time but can't find those disks).  Hopefully they're not corrupt. Perhaps, I need version 7.  Any thoughts on that?  Anyone have a version 7?  Any other way to retrieve these files? 

I'm looking to retire my old Win 7 machine so I'd like to recover them before I go fully win 10 (which apparently won't load old corel versions).  Thanks for any help


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  • Alas, not much progress on converting these old files.  I believe the files were created on version  5.1.  I was able to install a version of 5 and a version of 6 (see below) on the XP emulator but the files won't open on either.  Newer files in the same folder open on later versions of Corel so I doubt the files are corrupted.  I'm thinking I need a version of the 5.0 to 5.1 patch which I can't find online.  Any ideas out there where to get this patch?

    For anyone seeking to convert old files: has versions 5, 6 and maybe others available.  For version 6, I had to use a program called msftoiso to convert the msf file to an iso file before extracting the contents. There are also emulators for windows 95 (see youtube) on which these programs ran but I haven't rried those yet. I installed them on Windows 7 and on the XP virtual machine in the Pro version..

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