Help with tracing.

Trying to replicate the strip that is missing, I import my pic and draw the shape. Then pull it out to correct size but its coming out not the correct shape. Do I need to get the pic sized correct first or what. This should be so easy but it totally frustrating me. Thanks

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  • I guess that its not because of stretching the shape, but rather the effect of the perspective of the photo. Your very first task should be applying backward perspective operation to remove perspective deformation from the photo. After this you will be able to recreate the shape and tweak with vertical and horizontal size.

    If you have a possibility to shoot another photo I'd strongly suggest to firstly put two perpendicular lines (made of paper masking tape) on the deck that will help you to adjust the view. You can also mark x and y distances on the tape, so that you can easily adjust sizes.

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