Making a Seamless Pattern in Coreldraw X7

I have been trying to make a seamsess pattern and I have not been able to figure it out. When I follow the steps that have been given, my image leaves a visible white line or the pattern is burred. Can someone please provide me with a tutorial or instructions on how to do a seamless pattern? Thanks in advance. 

  • Hi ! Can you give us more details ? Or better can you post a screenshot ? I know that CorelDraw make a white line arround picture when you export vectors to image, so , when i want e seamless pattern i crop it after export. Don't know if it's helpfull. Let us know what's next.
  •  I am trying to see how to attach to this forum.

  • Hi,

    I belive I know what you mean about the white line. It is probably because you haven't matched it correctly. When you use the tool via create pattern, which look like the crop tool.

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