Where are the tutorials for making a website

After downloading the website creator package for X7 & opening it up then getting no where looking at it, now getting no where trying find tutorials to learn even basic stuff, surely it is alot easier then what I'm thinking at this point.

Did a search  ..how to make a website ,,, nothing   tried just website ... nothing 


Thank you ahead

  • Helloi Craig; I would go to one of the hosting co. and talk how much they are going to charge you. The longer the time the cheaper they are per year. They do go up a lot at time to renew. And they have on line programs that will let you get started. I found that Ipage and GoDaddy where the cheapest for 3 year service. once you get one built you can use Corel to do your graphics. I would leave the Corel Web creator alone, you can down load a program called File Zilla ( FREE off the net.) to up load your files once you have a idea of how thing are done.

    Good Luck, George

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