Export PNG with transparent background based on color


I am trying to export a CDR file as a PNG with a transparent background. In X3 it was possible to select a transparency based on color or . Is this still possible in X7? My export options seem to say no.

P.S. Same for PhotoPaint: It used to be possible to select transparent areas based on color or masks in earlier versions. Obvious ways of doing this have disappeared in X7. Am I missing something?

  • There are two ways to save PNGs with transparency, 24bit with alpha transparency or 8bit with single colour transparency. To save as the latter you need to convert the image to 8bit (or less) paletted. You can do this from the Image > Convert to Paletted... menu, or from the Save/Export/Export to Web dialogs by using the Color mode dropdown.

    In the Save/Export dialog you need to then select the colour you want to make transparent. You can do this by either clicking on the colour in the palette area, or using the eyedropper tool and selecting the colour from the image. You then click the Make the selected colour transparent button.

    Alternatively you can use alpha transparency using 24 bit RGB colour.

    These screen grabs are from PhotoPaint X8, but it's the same in X7 for PhotoPaint or Draw.