I wonder if there is a macro that groups objects?

Hi everybody.
I have 1 problem please help.

I think there must be a macro to solve them.

My job is to select objects and run macros. Macros will automatically group objects together without affecting their properties

As illustrated below. I want 4 objects that will form 4 independent groups

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  • 2. Extract one or more objects from an existing group

    Ctrl+click on the object you want to extract. Ctrl+x, Ctrl+v. (Obvious, but still... its what I do).

    3. Combine any number of objects as a parent level group. i.e.all groups within the selection get ungrouped prior to grouping all.

    Not sure what the first sentence means, but for the second: Select whatever is grouped, right click, and you must choose to "Ungroup All Objects". This option removes ALL grouping at all levels. This can be assigned to the default "ungroup" shortcut if preferred over right-click menu. (Did I understand your intention correctly??).

    4. Flatten a group of groups to a single group.

    Use the above method, which leaves all newly ungrouped objects selected, then group. A simple macro could turn this into a single shortcut. I suppose that would also take care of your #1 I left out.

    5. Multiple selection using the mouse of a number of objects within a group.

    Ctrl+click an object, Ctrl+shift+click additional objects.

    I am aware of the workrounds , thanks. But efficiency is what CorelDraw has been all about for decades, getting jobs done quickly. Not being able to achieve these tasks with one click/shortcut/hotkey is what is lacking.

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