Uploading a custom workspace from one pc to another.

We have 2 pc's with X7 loaded. System #1 has worked flawlessly for years but is still running on windows 7. If I save the fully customized workspace for use on System #2 running windows 10 the system crashing constantly for the simplest of tasks. Change it back to the default and all is good. Could it be that by saving from a win7 pc it makes it incompatible with win10. The way I see it now we're going to have to go through and manually customize system 2's workspace. Probably over 30 different macros and custom icons, as well as, assigned shortcut keys.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

p.s. even tried running win10 system in compatibility mode but didn't make a difference 

  • I said it to Corel many years ago. They need a workspace debugger. They know the syntax and parameters for the workspace files it should be a very simple job to comment out those sections that are non-compliant and inform the user that that particular customisation needs to be rebuilt.

    Alternately they can carry on letting users have problems and tell them to rebuild their workspace. Like anyone has time for that!

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