CQL for finding bitmaps with a specific resolution


Could someone please point me in a direction to find bitmaps (using CQL sintax) with resolution smaller than 300?

I'm using this line so far

Set sr = aa.Shapes.FindShapes(Query:="@Type = 'Bitmap'")

but this is returning all the bitmaps, and my purpose now is to find only the bitmaps with lower resolution than a specified amount.

Thanks a lot in advance.

  • You could try this:

    Set sr = aa.Shapes.FindShapes(query:="@Type = 'Bitmap' and @com.Bitmap.ResolutionX < 300")

    In some simple testing, that seems to work for me. I'm assuming that my bitmaps have the same resolution horizontally and vertically, but you could also include a check of ResolutionY in the query.