Joining two nodes in a single curve

I simply cannot find this answer anywhere; everything I find is about combining objects, but nothing is about combining two nodes in a single object. Maybe I'm looking up the wrong thing, maybe this is simpler than I realize. Basically, when I have two objects that are the same curve, but disconnected, I want to be able to connect nodes of one to nodes of the other object in the curve. Maybe this doesn't make sense? Here's a photo of what I mean.

So, as you can see, it's the same curve and I'm using the shape tool to edit it. These two pieces within the curve are disconnected, but I want to connect the highlighted nodes to essentially close the shape there, instead of where it currently closes.

For what it's worth, my current work around looks like this: create a shape to cover that area, then combine that shape and the curves. Here's a few photos of my current workaround:

(1) Create new shape about the size of spot the combine

(2) Weld new shape with curve

(3) Select nodes to erase to clean edges


(4) Smooth finished product

So, I guess my question: is there a command to do all of that faster?

Thanks! :)


  • There are (at least) two ways to do this:

    In both cases, Snap to Objects should be active.

    1. Click on the straight line with the Shape tool (should leave a "+" mark on the line) and then hit Delete.
    Do the same thing with the other line.
    Now you have two open subcurves and you can drag one end node on top of another to fuse them.
    Close both sides like this and if done properly (snapping helps you) you get one single closed curve.

    2. With the Shape tool, drag one corner node on top of a corner node on the other subcurve (again, snapping helps).
    Do the same with the other two.
    Go to Arrange > Shaping > Weld.