Zoom problems

When I am working on a drawing and I use my mouse scroll wheel to zoom in it zooms into max zoom

and when zoom out it goes to the max. in either case I get this error. I have opened tickets with Corel and the problem was never resolved.

I have had dealt with this for several years and its getting old. How can I fix this?

  • I don't know how to solve your mouse scroll wheel zoom problem, but you might consider alternative workflows when it comes to zooming and navigating in your documents.

    I frequently use Zoom One-Shot to marquee zoom to see or work on a particular area, then bounce back to viewing a larger area (e.g., zoom to page, zoom to all objects). I also use Pan sometimes to shift the area I'm working on without changing the zoom level.

    That general style of navigation is something that I brought from my experience using CAD software; works well for me. I have a couple of commands assigned to shortcut keys that are fired by auxiliary buttons on my mouse. With practice, those frequently-used commands become "muscle memory", and navigation can be smooth and seamless.

  • Sorry to say. But I don't have any idea of it. Might someone can explain this. I have been using Zoom as well. But didn't face this kind of issue yet.