Just practicing. i hope u will give more suggestions.

  • Hi Imtiyaz,

    Is it a poster? or what. I like it, but firstly the font that you've used for the word "Milky" is too dimmed in the background, so make it a lil more prominant, and also the font for "Chocobar" is too simple, you may choose any other interesting font for that as well. And the background of that poster (I issume) is too simple, you can play around with different texture, gradient, pattern overlays on top of it. And also the image that you've used in the right hand side of the picture can be exposed a lil more for the highlighting of the product.

    I think you have achieved a good solid base design for the poster, you just need to play around to make it more interesting. Any ways your design is going to be a great one I expect.

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