Outline a PDF for Laser Cut

Hi there,

We are trying to have the grade 4 students create 2D geometric webs that can then be laser cut. We are hoping to use color mapping so that the interior lines are engraved as fold lines and the outline can be vectored and cut out.

I am have trouble importing the PDF and creating a hairline outline. For whatever reason, when imported, the entire PDF becomes an outline and all of the lines become cut lines. Could someone please advise the best way to do this?


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  • First thing that comes to mind to try is the Boundary Shaping command under the Object menu.. It creates path outside the object or group of objects. Once you have that, delete the rest.

    If that doesn't do it, maybe you could post a link to the pdf on dropbox or something. This forum might let you attach it using rich formatting. I think there is a size limit.
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