select picture

 hi name is jefky from indonesia

please tell me how to select a picture we desire in coreldraw.(i usually  use polygonal lasso in photoshop)

Thank you...

  • I both understand and dont understand your question.
    If you usally use Photoshop, then that program is the equivalent to Corel Photo-Paint, which you have in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4. (and older versions). And any equivalent masking tools used in Photoshop, is there in the toolbar in Photo-Paint.

    If you mean CorelDRAW as you mention, then to just select a image in CorelDRAW, you first have to either open or import the image. Then go to the toolbar and choose the Pick tool, if you just like to select the image. The toolbar is to the left vertical side of the program (computer screen). And the Pick tool is the first tool on top the toolbar.

    If this isnt the answer to your question, then explain further what you like to do.