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Corel DRAW X4 and Windows7 64bit

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Ian replied on Thu, Jan 21 2010 6:24

Hi Folks,

I am having the same problem with corel draw and win 7 pro 64 bit.

I had it running fine on Vista Business 64 bit and after checking several times with Corel support and being assured it would work, I went ahead and upgraded to Win7.

Everyting but Corel Draw works, photo paint is fine as are capture, duplex & sb profiler.

Support keep telling me I am not the administrator and that is why it won't work, however as the only user of this PC I gave myself Admin rights at the very start as I am not worried about someone else being able to screw it up. I followed their instructions and turned off User Account Notifications which they said would make me admin..... I restarted as instructed and still no joy.

I double checked in user accounts and made sure I had all admin rights so I have no idea wht this will just not work.

I removed everything corel from my system, cleaned out all registry entries relating to corel and restarted my system.

I then did a complete clean install from the original download file, exactly the same problem.

I tried running the SP2 download only to be informed that the installation was unsuccessful as the program to be upgraded was not installed!

So I uninstalled everything again and went to the corel website and downloaded the trial version, the logic being it is probably the latest release and if it works in trial more I can just activate it with my existing product key.

WRONG! The download went fine, the install went fine but yet again corel draw will not load.

All I get is 2 seconds of the Green Baloon "loading" splash screen then it just disappears.

Any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated as I have graphics to do for my degree course and don't have access to any other software that is capable enough for what I need.

I will definitely be saving up for Adobe CS4 as I KNOW that works on 64 Bit Win 7 as I have used it. This wouldn't be the case if Corel took resolving this issue seriously but they don't seem to be doing anything to rectify or assist in identifying the cause.

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just in order to confirm the reports of others I have CorelDRAW X4 installed on my Win7 Ultimate 64bit and have no problem with it. I think the problem is somewhere else. However please note that though your Win7 user has admin privileges does not mean that every action is performed with admin rights. This is how Win7's UAC works. In order to install CorelDRAW as administrator you have right click on setup.exe and select "run as administrator" option.



I am interested in buying CorelDRAW x4, I also own Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. Would there be any problems or issues if I am to install it for the first time? I have no previous versions of CDGS and I am a totally new user.

thank you


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If you have problems installing/running X4 on Windows 7 (or even Vista), make sure you have the latest X4 service pack installed. It is the Service Pack 2 that ensures that CGS X4 will run under Win 7/Vista...

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Why not try out the new X5 (free trial) ?

<TheGreatCornholio> wrote in message


I am interested in buying CorelDRAW x4, I also own Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. Would there be any problems or issues if I am to install it for the first time? I have no previous versions of CDGS and I am a totally new user.

Corel ROCKS !

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Just as information to other users who think its just them.

I've been using X4 on a Win7 32bit computer for the last few months without problems (and CorelDraw since v3) , updated it and all. Now  installing from the original DVD on a Windows 7 x64 and then tried to upgrading to the latest Service Pack and Hot fix....but it fails. It cant find it or what ever it is.. Tried over and over again. Reinstalled CorelDraw X4 and same result. Corel works.. but the servic pack won't.

X5 is agood idea... unless you just got the X4 less then 1 year ago...Yes

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gingem replied on Thu, Aug 26 2010 13:26
I have X4 and X5 installed on my Win7 64bit Ultimate with no problems at all.

Have A Great Day!
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Ok i take back everything i said... ehem.. blush.. " updates..." while install?   My Perfectly working CorelDraw X4 is ver. in other word ALREADY updated  :-)

The software works... this user.. well thats another story.

Take care, and have nice day every one.

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