Multiple Records Data in one Field using Print Merge

How to insert multiple records data in one field by using Corel Draw Print Merge..


There are 100's of schools and I want to send the wishes to each school by mentioning their top 100 students names who scored rank below 100.

I am creating the Poster with beautiful design and want to print the students names and their rank on that poster.

For each School I want to send only 1 poster, their students names on the poster with their rank..

Pls. guide me how to do this.. I am using the Corel Draw 2018 Version.

Thank you...

  • You should be able to achieve this by having multiple columns up to the maximum number of names for any of the schools. Let's say the maximum number of students for a particular school is 5 and the rest have less than 5. Format your data file as follows:

    Todd,Phil,Rose,Annie,,Algonquin College
    Kyle,,,,,Ottawa University
    Kaitlyn,Lisa,,,,Carleton University

    If any of the schools has less than 5 names, then just use a comma to separate the empty field. Insert all 5 fields into your poster and the empty fields will be blank when you merge it into a new file or output it to the printer. 

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