How do I get access to the fonts, etc. in CDGS X4?

I installed CorelDraw Graphics Suite X4 in 2009. I don't remember what installation options I was offered, or how I replied. Anyway, now in 2023, when I look in the wire-bound, 3/4-inch book titled _CorelDraw Graphics Suite X4_ and I want to access some fonts, that book has no instructions about how to access its fonts. Likewise, the _CorelDraw User Manual_ tells me nothing about how to access those fonts that I see in the wire-bound book. When I want to add text in CorelDraw, the pull-down font-list consists only of fonts I have otherwise installed.

So how do I access those Graphics Suite X4 fonts, fourteen years later? Can I access them if I put the CDGS X4 disk in my DVD-disk drive? Can I belatedly install the fonts and clipart without installing the programs (since I installed the programs in 2009)? Can I belatedly install just some fonts (the ones I want) and just some clipart, instead of installing the entire suite? Do I need to uninstall and reinstall everything?