Inserting jpg images as OLE objects

I want to insert images created elsewhere into CorelDraw using OLE so that when the image is updated, the Corel file will also update - sounds pretty simple right.

So I go: Object>Insert>Object, Create from File, uncheck "Display as Icon", browse and select the jpeg image file, but Corel just inserts an icon of the file, not the actual image. 

I've tried inserting jpeg, png, pdf file types but I get the same problem - just a file icon on screen.

But when I insert a Microsoft Word doc, it works - I get the actual document on screen. So I don't understand why Corel will import a doc but cannot accept a simple jpg, png, pdf as a linked file.

I have been using CorelDraw since V3 and never been able to get OLE to work for images.

Please someone tell me what I'm doing wrong!

PS I asked this question here 9 years ago but did not get a solution so hoping there is one out there now.