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Corel Draw X5 went from Flash to Slug

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David Beczuk posted on Thu, Jun 28 2012 5:47

Hi guys, can you please help me out understand what is happening with my X5 installation?


When I restart my PC Corel Draw openes the first file fast. If I try to open the second file it takes for ages. I tried with all kind of files from 2008 2009 2010 2011 different files (CDR).

Same issue. 


System Specs:

Windows Xp Sp3

2Gb of ram

Avira antivirus


What I did this far:

Uninstalled and re installed Corel Draw X5 from scratch - did not fix the issue

Uninstalled Corel Draw, Uninstalled all .Net Frameworks - reinstalled Frameworks until 3.0 then Installed Corel Draw X5 wich installed .Net Framework 3.5 - did not fix the issue

Scanned computer for viruses with Avira and Malwarebytes, Scanned and fixed registry errors with Advanced System Care and XP Repair tool - did not fix the issue

Uninstalled all unnecessary application from PC - and cleaned the registry afterwards with CC Cleaner - did not fix the issue


The files open just fine on another PC - they open wit X5 and X4 just fine and fast


I don't know what to do anymore.




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Virginia USA

Hello David; There's a lot of things you can do to get the speed back up. One is delete all the temp" files, at the windows "Start" menu do a "Search" for %tmp% you can select all and hit the "Delete" key ( Windows will not let any file that is still in use be deleted ) then The "Font" file in the Windows Dir, should have as few fonts as the system and any installed programs have to have ( Less Than 400 the fewer the better )( Use "Font Nav." ). Every time you go on the net some of the programs try to load "Spy Ware" or some kind of "Spam" make sure they are cleaned out often, ( There are settings that can be adjusted to stop this but if the setting are to high the site may not let you in.) Then blow out the computer case to get all the dust bunnies out ( a dirty computer runs hot the hotter the slower it runs ) The idea is to make windows run FASTER so that the programs will access faster, Make sure all the Drivers are up to date. and if you have a video card it will speed up Corel. Windows update's can help the computer but I wouldn't let it load more than you need ( like it will load stuff for like MS Word but if you don't use any of the file or the program you shouldn't need them.  Don't have programs running that you are not using The more Windows has to do the slower it runs.

I Hope this is some Help George
PS If you have a Font that things slow down when you use it try deleting it or move it to a non font useable dir. and see if that help.


Computer i5 Intel 2500K 4.0 mh, 16 gig Ram, SSD Main Drive, 1T WD Black, 1T Segate, 2 gig DDR 5 G Force Video card, Windows 7 Utl. 64 bit, ASRock Extreme 4 Mobo

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Thank you for the reply

I will try the fonts.

The system is clean of viruses or Spyware

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