Converting a bunch of X5 cdrs to jpg or pdf

I have over 6000 cdrs made using X5 under Win 10. The cdrs consist of jpg images and text with a few containing some Corel effects like transparency, they are covers of books we reprint. The insides of the books are jpgs stored Word files in the same folder as the cover cdrs.  I need to convert the covers to either pdfs or jpgs. So far, I've used the X5 file converter with little success. I can't get the JPG images of the covers to save in the original folder, they get dumped in the bottom of the subdirectory, and the converter goes after the Word jpgs and converts many, but not all, of them too.

I'm doing this because we want to make pdfs of our books and we want to include the covers. Adobe Acrobat won't read cdr files so I have to change the format without corrupting the text. Real Converter won't help because it can't raster the text properly and they claim they can't fix it.

Because we have so many files in subdirectories we would like to automate the task.

I would upgrade to a later version of Corel (I have home and Student and Essentials on other computers) but I've read here that they can't read X5 files after V11.

Can anyone help me?

Happy 2022!