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Converting a jpeg file to a cdr. file

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Steve Sears Posted: Sun, Apr 20 2008 22:02

I'm fairly new to Corel Draw and is there a way to convert a jpeg file to a cdr file. I need adjust the art and color seperate for screenprinting.


Steve Sears

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Pune, India


You can try one of the following

- Open the jpg file in CorelPhotoPaint & print the seperations.

- Import jpg file in CorelDraw & print the separations.

In both these cases if you jpg file is RGB or CMYK, then you will get 4 separate positives i.e.CMYK. But then you mention about Screen printing where I suppose you don,t be needing the CMYK  process separation.In that case you can use CorelTrace to convert the jpg image to vector drawing editable in CorelDraw. Then edit it as per you requirements & take separate output for screen printing. Its is bit dicy issue & depends on the actual job requirements.

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