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Uninstalling previous versions of Corel Draw

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kbrookfi posted on Mon, Feb 16 2009 13:28

I have bought Corel Draw X3 and had Corel Draw 9 and 10 installed on my PC. I thought it best to uninstall the older versions, but during the uninstall process, I got a message "MSI failure has occured" "Msinstall Product error 1603. The it finishes and Corel 10 is still showing in my ADD/Remove in Control Panel.

I have signed up at this site and searched for the error message, or help in uninstalling older versions of Corel Draw as well as searching Corel's Knowledge Base, but i can't find any references to uninstall problems.

Can anyone tell me how to uninstall Corel Draw 10 manually?


Thank you


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Suggested by Andy Carolan

You could use the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility to remove software with a damaged installation, BUT read the knowledgebase article first and be careful how its used. describes how its used, the precautions and download of the tool


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