how to make printer settings permanantly

IS Coreldraw able to remember the previous printing settings like illustrator does? For example, it remembers you printed A3size last time, otherwise, i have to adjust the settings everytime.

but seems i cannot find a way to make Coreldraw to remember what i did last time.

if someone could help with this?

thanks a lot.

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  • Do you have a page size that you use the most? If so, make it the default page size, thusly:

      Open corelDRAW, select the page size that you want as the default page dimensions.

      Then from the menu, click on Tools->Save Settings As Default.

    Other than that, I do not know of a way to make Draw or PP to 'remember' what page size you used previously.

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    thank you hugh.

    that's really helpful.i will do what you pointed and see what will happen.

    one more question, i normally print A4 size paper, so i save A4 settings as Default.

    but once I open a A3 template and print A3 size paper, does the Default settings still be A4 settings?

    thanks again.

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    The default settings apply to any new document that you start. So, if A3 is your 'default' size and you have an A4 page open in CorelDRAW and you click on 'New', you will end up with a new document that is (by default) A3 size.

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    so i cannot have different settings for particular template..

    thats not a good news for me.

    but, anyway, thank you for your help, i really appreciate


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    You can save your printing preferences in the Print Dialog Box, but I don't think that paper size is included in those settings. The only way I can think of is via VBA. At work I have my printer is set to 12.5"X18" default size which is the size I use most of the time; but ocassionally I have to print in letter size so I wrote two macros that adjust the paper size and set the orientation, one for portrait and the other one for landscape and made toolbar buttons for them, so now, whenever I need to print in letter size all I do is press one of those buttons and that's it, the dialog box doesn't even open, it just prints in 8.5"X11".

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    thank you very much for the valuable tip.

    it gives me an idea how to make my work efficiently.

    but i have no idea about VBA stuff, need to learn it 1st.


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    Another thought just occurred to me. You did mention 'templates', so I am thinking, why not have two templates that are the same, except for page size? In other words, take a template that is set up for an A4 page size and change the page size to A3 and then save it as a template, giving it a name that differentiates it from the original template.

    Then whenever you start on a new document/project/etc., you can start from a template that is already set up with the correct page size.

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    thank you for  your reply.

    then main problem is if save an A3 size as Default setting in Coreldraw, the printer Dialog Box still need you to select A3 size manually for printing perferences. despite I can change the printing perferences settings permanantly to A3 size, however, when i print A4 size paper, it wont change itself to A4 still on A3 default setting.


    what i want to do is that, A3 template changes the settings to A3 printing perference automatically, and A4 template with A4 printing perference.seems it's hard to make that happen.


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    Have you thought about installing  a second printer for your printer? I mean another (Windows) printer driver installation for the same printer and have that second printer default to your alternate paper size. This way, when you go to print, all you have to do is to select the alternate printer for the alternate paper size.

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    This should work:

    Sub SetA4()

    ActiveDocument.PrintSettings.SetPaperSize prnPaperSizeA4, prnPaperPortrait

    End Sub

    Whith Draw open, press Alt+F11 to bring the VBA Editor, click "+" next to GlobalMacros, click the "+" next to modules, double-click "CorelMacros"  to open the Code Window and paste the macro there. If you want to create another macro for a different setting, just copy and paste thils one a couple lines under it and change it's name (no spaces in the names), then highlight "prnPapesSizeA4" and press Ctrl+J and a pop-up window with all the options will open, just double-click the one you want .




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    thanks a lot buddy.this is what i want. i really appreciate your help. very helpful.I made an A3 one and also an A4 one.

    Sub SetA3()

    ActiveDocument.PrintSettings.SetPaperSize prnPaperSizeA3, prnPaperLandscape

    End Sub

    frankly, i have no idea about Macro things. you mentioned when u gonna print stuff, just simply press the particular button which been made by yourself. i'm wondering how do i create a button for A3 and A4 separately on the toolbar?

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    -Go to Options>Customizations>Commands>

    -click the field that says "File" and change it to "macros".

    -Look for "GlobalMacros.SetA3".

    -drag the macro icon to the toolbar wher you want it.

    -In the tab that says "appearance" you can change its name and icon.

    -you can also drag it to a menu of give it a keyboard shortcut.

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    HI leunam12

    thank you very very very (heaps) much.

    everything is sorted out. u r a star :)

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    you're welcome, that was an easy one.

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    Hi leunam12

    Today i have tested the Macros stuff. All good. it works perfect. Can i ask one more Macros coding thing?

    how can i add in Current page for Printing perferences?


    Sub SetA3()

    ActiveDocument.PrintSettings.SetPaperSize prnPaperSizeA3, prnPaperLandscape

    End Sub