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Hi Friends

I have basic sound knowledge of Corel Draw x5 which I use in daily purposes but now I have a job where I am stuck and would request any professional person here to kindly assist me and I would be very grateful.

Problem: I need to give frames / borers to images to make a collage just like the attached file. I know how to give regular borders but I need specifically the ones like in the image below. I read a few posts around the forum and even on google etc but did not help. I h tried a few things like Shaping-> Boundry   and   Bitmaps -> Creative -> Frames....also tried Powerclip.

Sorry im a newbie so if someone can kindly explain some steps how to create this it would be great.

Thank you very much !!!

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  • Hello elite; i'm no professional, but you can make a frame like in your drawing by making your two boxes the size you want, convert the outer one to curves, then add as many nodes as you want and make all nodes smooth, select ever other node and move it as wanted.


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    Thank you very much for the response. I understand your point just want to know how do I create the uniform nodes on the outer rectangle, could you guide me please? I have corel x5

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    Once you have made the box, converted it to curves use the "Shape" tool and select the upper right corner node and hit the Plus key (+) on the numeric key pad as many times as you want. ( every time you hit + key it will place a node in the middle of the nodes on that line.)
      If you send me a email I'll send the drawing in the post above for you to play with. Don't forget to make all the nodes smooth.
      The file was small so I was able to attache it here. Any questions come on back and ask we are all here to help, any time.

    George ( )

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    Pic Frame.cdr
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    I made the nodes and not sure how to proceed. Did email you. Thanks

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    Yes elite I got the email, and I will work you up a step by step How Too. The X5 drawing is attached at the top of my last post, and you should be able to double click on it to down load it, to pay with while I make the drawing for the email.


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    Thanks a million for your time and effort

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    Hello Again; It would be worth your time to go to Foster's web site ( ) and look at getting some of his learning aids. It will help shorten the learning curve of CorelDraw ( which if you are using Corel to make money "The faster you learn the more you can make") and you can take the cost of the learning aids off of your tax if you are in the USA ( I don't know about other places ) And while you are at it there are a lot macro's out there that make doing things easier and faster to get a job done. Two places that I know of to go to are Jeff's web site ( and John's ( ) they have a lot of macro's and a lot of them are FREE.
      The last one I got was from John's site and it is GRATE, take a look at it while you are there. ( GDG VisualTuner )

    Have Fun, George
    PS I do wish this site had a place to go to find macros, and have a check box to select how they rate for a user.

  • Under the artistic Media Tool, take a look at 'Sprayer' and create a custom list of 1 round white circle (make it the size of a circle on the edge of one of the photos). Then apply that to a rectangle and space it close until it fills the gaps. It'll be hard to follow if done in white, but you should be able to do it. over and over once you have it setup, then it is as simple as.

    1. crop photo
    2. make a rectangle shape around photo
    3. apply spraylist setting
    4. adjust spacing and size of dab
    5. move backwards until it is layered below the photo.
    6. Select both and group
    7. rotate.
    8. Rinse and repeat.

    Spray lists can be tricky but they can be really helpful.

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    Cute kids!

    Thanks! They take after my beautiful wife.


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    In addition to Mikes idea, you could also use a blend

    Apply blend to the rectangle path

    Oh boy, I'd love to post a visual but we're going on almost 2 full weeks without power, electricity or heat and the luxury of turning on a computer is quickly becoming  just a pipe dream

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    Hello Diane; Sorry to hear of the problems. Where are you?


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    not so for many, many people around us

    The devastation is unthinkable

    Know that my wife and I pray every night for the safety and well being for all devastated by the storms hitting the East Coast.

    Glad to hear you were spared some of the damage.

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    Thank you for the responses everyone my problem did get solved and I was able to make those frames and the customer is finally happy so a big