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Editing Text In an Object

Ok, so i have this drawing that a friend made of this certificate.  when i click (with the PICK TOOL)  on the text that i want to edit  it shows  Black Box's in the corner (4 of them)  around the entire section of that text.  my question is how can i edit just one line of that text .  i saw them do it at the shop where they made the certificate but they where not using X5  i tried to ask them but sadly  i can't figure it out either way im very new to CorelDraw . so any help would be nice. thank you 



So that is what i see when i click with the PICK TOOL  but then when i try to select the text tool it just wants to make new text on a new layer. any help thanks 


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  • Perhaps the object is an image rather than text. Either that, or there could be another object in front of the text.

    What does it say on the status line when you select that object?


  • Hello rp4000; What type of file is it? What program was it made in and what ver.? If the file has been converted to curves you can't edit the text a line at a time. If it is "Grouped" ungroup it and see what happens when you double click on a line of text ( if you get the "Node Tool" You will have to replace the hole word or line of text that needs editing ) if you get the "Text Tool" type away.


  • It appears you are selecting using the Shape tool. That would explain the dashed lines and square on each corner. There is a possibility the that the text is power clipped into a rectangle with no ouline or fill.

    Use the Pick Tool to select the object and look in the object manager to locate it. If I am correct you will see PowerClip followed by more information. To edit the text you would have to right click on the PowerClip (Text) and chose Edit Contents. Then you should be able to edit the text using the Text Tool.. Then right click on the text and select Finished Editng this level.

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    the file is a .CDR  i dont know what version of CorelDraw it was made in. i think CorelDraw 9 


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    ok so the filetype is .cdr it was made in coreldraw 9 ,  the layer is not locked.   the powerclip extract button is grayed out.. this is the full picture of what i see when i click it.. sorry for the bad picture earlier


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    it looks like the text is also CURVE so i guess i had to ungroup the text then break each part down to edit it. but then i guess comes the question can i change CURVE FILL to artistic text so i can freely edit it or no. 


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    Status bar says its a group of 4 objects so you will need to ungroup before doing anything else.

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    can i change CURVE FILL to artistic text so i can freely edit it or no. 

    No. Text can easily be converted to curves but there's no way to automatically go the other way. Sorry.