how to fill letters with a pattern??



I want to make some letters and fill them with a background pattern like rainbow.


all the fonts are solid black so I need to know how to hollow them out so the background fill will show, then have to cut out all the letters to get the background around them removed so I have only the letters filled with rainbow that can then be moved around and overlaid like with the gray checkerboard squares thing happening.

Like this: imagine a rainbow backing picture with " I heart Mom" text overlaid, fill the " I heart Mom" with rainbow then get rid of the rest of the rainbow backing that is OUTSIDE the letters.  The word heart will be replaced with a heart shape.

I do not know the technical terms for these procedures so have not been able to look this up in help.


know of a good tutorial for this?  Gracias y thanks!

  • Hello Msongs,


    1. Type your text and between the letters "I" and "Mom" apply the figure of the heart;

    Note: no matter what color text was filled in.

    2. Select the image (Rainbow) to be applied inside text block. Click on:

    Effects / PowerClip / Place Inside Container

    b. You will get a large Arrow. Use this arrow to click on your text (that will be the "container").

    c. If not right placed, adjust the position of the object. Click on:

    Effects / PowerClip / and select Edit Contents

    d. Once done, click on Finish Editing Object.


    and more:

    You can use this process to apply photos. Place Inside Container feature also allows

    insert figures inside non-text objects (vector).

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  • In reply to Silvio Gomes:

    thanks Silvio,


    that worked. had to use the edit contents every time before I could finish editing object. Not sure why that is, maybe that step is always necessary.

    had some fun getting the words cut and pasted to their correct position as they were not used in a straight line of text. Bought me a used copy of CorelDraw X5 Official guide at a local bookstore (bookstores, remember them?) but it has no tutorial CD. anyway as I just use corel for limited uses, only what I need to do, will learn some new tricks.

    Biggest problem with corel help is that I know what I want to do, but don't know the right words and phrases to find it in help


  • Watch this video:

    Not sure if that is what you are wanting to do.

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  • In reply to Luis:

    Well done, Luis. A complete step-by-step Tutorial.Yes

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  • In reply to Luis:

    Watch this video...

    I had a similar Idea, but without Compound Blends. Cuts down the time to only 15 seconds.

    There are some powerful features on blend property bar for blend steps and also counter-clockwise blend mode.

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