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Freezing Up during Print under Win 7 x64

Problem: Corel is freezing up when I go to print.  It presents the printer dialog, but when I go to click Preferences, it beeps once and does nothing.  A few more clicks include the beep, then silence.  Can't close the printer dialog window, though I can switch to other documents inside Corel.  Can't do anything except terminate the task through Task Manager.

If I immediately start Corel again, I can bring up printer dialog, but clicking Preferences does nothing.  This time, I CAN close the dialog window and close Corel nicely.  Need to reboot to get back to working again.

Background info: have been using Corel for engraving the past 6 years. Tend to keep 5 or 6 documents open at one time for "standard" jobs - about 25MB.  Like to keep computer on 24/7, but above problem forces restart every 1-3 days depending on (if I knew what it depended on, I wouldn't need help now would I?).

Only other time I get freezing is when I print, using <CTRL>-P short cut, occasionally get Program Stopped Working.

Have used most versions since Corel 8 and all have "special features" like this, but hoping someone else has encountered and figured out how to avoid.

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  • Jay B
    when I go to click Preferences, it beeps once and does nothing. 

    The preferences button (when it is working!) gives you exactly the same screen as right clicking the printer in control panel > printers and faxes and choosing preferences. So, a temporary answer might be to set your print preferences outside the program and see if you can then print.

    The next check would be to visit the printer manufacturer's site and install the latest recommended driver, which might have fixes for known problems or just need reinstalling.

  • In reply to harryLondon:

    I am changing settings with almost every job. Not practical to work outside of Corel.

    I will check driver, but seems to be a Corel issue, not a driver issue.