Malayalam font problem on CDR X6


I have a registered version of Corel DRAWx5. Recently I've downloaded X6 for trial. Only one word to describe the new version, "Exceptional". I can pointout many new features in X6 compare to X5. 

The problem is, I am using Malayalam fonts, Like ML-Kartika, ML-Indulekha etc. When I type (~nda) in malayalam the character is not coming. I've experienced the same issue in Illustrator and Indesign also. But I never got this problem in CorelDRAW's any version expect X6. I want to buy X6. Please help me to get rid of this problem. 

I think most of you are not familiar with this err. But people using malayalam font can help me.   

  • If you want, you can send me those fonts by e-mail. I'll verify that they work in our current version.


  • I found ML-Kartika on the web and gave it a try.

    First, this font appears to be a very old font that expect the users to type latin character but instead of providing latin glyphs, it provides Malayalam glyphs.

    I tried it in X5, X5, on my system, uses Arial Unicode instead of ML-Kartika when I type Malayalam characters. If I then select the string and apply ML-Kartika on it, then, everything becomes squares as expected because this font does not provide Malayalam character to glyph mapping.

    X6 behave the same way than X5 over here.

    Can you create a test .cdr file that works in X5 but not in X6 for you? I can try opening it here and see if there is a problem.

    Thanks for your feedback.

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    Sorry I'm late for this reply.

    I've taken a screen shot of the same word in malayalam, in CDX5 and CDX6. This will give you what i really want to say.











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    If you want me to verify that this is fixed in the current build, you will have to send me your fonts along with a .cdr file that has that text string in it. Ideally also a .txt file that has the same string too.

    Find my email adress in my profile.

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    Allright so I could reproduce your problem here and debug its cause. The font ML-Revathi is a Type 1 SYMBOL font. The character you have problem with is mapped to the "soft hyphen" unicode code point 0xad.

    The problem is that we no longer correctly detect T1 symbol font correctly. This defect was introduced very early in the X6 cycle and no one noticed it here nor any of our beta tester and no one else until you stumbled upon it and reported it.

    This font is handled as a regular T1 font. And for regular font, we have special processing for the "soft hyphen" character : we never ever show it. We use the normal hyphen instead when the soft hyphen would normally show at the end of a line and the soft hyphen just acts as a placeholder.

    There is no workaround in CorelDRAW for the time being and this bug will not be fixed in the next Update. (it is too late to make it) It might be in the one after it but we are talking several months.

    If you can convert this font to a true type symbol font using some utility, this could work.

    I apologize for the inconvenience this is causing you.