Printmerge for multiple name cards on one page

Hi, I need some help please. I often have to make products (like name cards, but design and sizes and fonts vary from project to project), where e.g. I have six cards (all exactly the same) on one A4 page and a looong list of names that will of course require multiple pages of printing, I will laser cut them after printed, so placement on the page has to be exact according to my template, I have that all sorted out. The part I need help with is how can I use the Printmerge function to fill the names so it will automatically put the first six names in their places on page one, the next six on page 2 and so on. Currently I design one card with cut lines etc, I have one page for the laser cut file and then I have to duplicate the print page multiple times and then copy and paste names one by one into their places, so 300 names takes a lot of time that I don't want to waste, I have done this often because all the info I can get was just for one item per page. I use printmerge for envelopes where there is one on a page but wondered if there is a better way to do this for name cards etc? Attached is a jpeg of what I mean. I cannot use any function where the program decides where to place the design, e.g. place four per page or whatever, I need to be in control of how many I place on a page and where on the page, so the idea (that I wish for) would be to insert a print merge "name/field" on the first design, then copy and paste that design on many places on the page, and the program fills the names automatically as I then perform the merge, and it opens a new document with e.g. fifty pages with all the names in their places. But I have been unable to do this or find info for this specific need. To keep it easy, it is the same design multiple times over on one page. Does anyone know of a better way in Corel Draw X6? I would like to spend my days more sensibly, haha.   Thank you for any help.