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How to symmetrically set up angles, triangles on business card?

Hello CorelDraw forum!

Question: How do I join triangles and squares so that they are symmetrical?

I have a customer for whom I am designing a business card. I am having to reset the business card from a scanned image.

The business card has got angles and triangles on it. Some of the angles have fills. Others do not.

I can use the Shape tool and trace the scanned image of my customer's business card. However, some of the angles are mirrored on either end of the business card. If I trace the scanned image it would be hard to get the angles right. 

Basically, can someone point me how, or give me a few pointers about how, to work with triangles? I need to join triangles together at angles and so forth so that the business card looks symmetrical.

I would appreciate any assistance.


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  • Care to show us? I'm not sure what you are saying.

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    One way to make a symmetrical triangle is to start with a single line at the appropriate angle:

    Duplicate it in place with the + key and flip the duplicate by holding the control key and moving that centre left handle across to the right. The control key will snap it as an exact mirror:

    The result:

    You now need to combine those two lines to a single object and join the bottom (with snap to objects on), right click with the shape tool to close the curve and should then have a symmetric, fillable triangle:


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  • You can duplicate items you have selected with Ctrl+D. Then you can flip them. and move them to the other end of the card.

    Alternately, you can:

    1. Select an object.
    2. grab a handle of the object and start to move it toward the center of the object, past the other edge. For example if you have and object that you want to duplicate to the right of the current object, you'd grab the left most control handle and drag it to the right to approximately where you want it to stop.
    3. After grabbing the handle, but before you let go of the handle, do two things,
      • right click once (this will duplicate the object), and
      • hold down ctrl, this will constrain the duplicate to certain stop points in increments of 100% (so 100, 200, 400, 800).
    4. Let go of the left mouse button.
    5. Let go of control.

    Video of this happening:

  • JimTrail
    Basically, can someone point me how, or give me a few pointers about how, to work with triangles? I need to join triangles together at angles and so forth so that the business card looks symmetrical.

    This needs a bit more explanation. how are you joining them together? Can you show us a scan of that part of the card?

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    Thanks everyone for responding to my question.

    Here's the business card. I have erased the logo, the name, the phone/fax numbers, and the address. The light gray (you can barely see it) at the top exactly mirrors the blue at the bottom. It is just a reverse-flip of the bottom. The angled areas, left and right, mirror each other.

    I tried using the pick shape tool to draw the angles. However, it's nearly impossible to get the angles to be symmetrical.

    You can barely see them but there are two little stars at each end of the rectangular area. CorelDraw has a feature to draw a star.

    I can use the Basic Shapes tool to make triangles or parallelograms. However, if you make the parallelogram more narrow it changes the angles.


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    Do one angle, duplicate and make a mirror, then weld the object.

    Duplicate and mirror is easy: with the pick tool select the handle of the left center, hold down Ctrl and move to the right  Before to release the left mouse button, you can do a click with the secondary mouse button for make a duplicate. It's a long explanation, but is easy and fast to do it

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    For this particular shape, usually I would set the guidelines at the nodes and draw with bezier tool (snap to guideline)


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    You can also draw the rectangle and trim it with another rectangle and square



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  • Thanks everyone for the help.

    I used the trim, nodes features. It took me about three or four hours. But that's okay. It's a learning process.

    Here's the finished product:


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    Hi Jim,

    If you are familiar with the tools, this can be done in less than 10mins.

    I've attached the coreldraw file for your reference.