Duplicate Page 1 & 2 To New Doc Page's 1 & 2 ?

I need help getting this started. 

This is probably simpler than I'm thinking it is. Or not? We'll see... This is my attempt to add onto what I've already had going. I have community discussion where I'm using a .txt file to name my Corel Documents. This part is done and works well.

Now that my documents are created and saved. I want to duplicate everything that is on  Page1 & 2 to a new Document (Pages 1 & 2). I might figure out the rest like using my .txt file to name the new duplicated document. 

I just need help getting the items over to the correct page. 


  • Macro will create a new Document and copy every from doc 1 to doc 2 on the correct pages. Possibly copy over metadata to new document as well.

Can you help? I do, however, need to utilize the code below, though. Because every new document must be named with a new number. I just need all it's contents copied over to the new document (page 1 & 2) and possibly (but not necessary) it's metadata.

Here is the code used from my previous discussion. 

Just run this code after you do the highlight below w/Corel open. It will create a New Document and Add a Number as Document Name. But first you have to save the text file somewhere and save a number inside it. 

Sub newDesignNumber()

Dim TextFile As Integer
Dim FilePath As String
Dim FileContent As String

'----------------------------------------------------------------- Folder Path

On Error Resume Next
FilePath = "N:\Logo Database\Design Number" & ".txt"  ' < Create a new txt file and start with a number ex: 200 save on desktop and save path here.

'----------------------------------------------------------------- Get String (Proof Number) From Text File.

TextFile = FreeFile

On Error GoTo ErrHandler

Open FilePath For Input As TextFile
Line Input #TextFile, FileContent
Close #TextFile

'------------------------------------------------- Opens New Document & Adds Pages

Dim doc1 As Document
Set doc1 = CreateDocument()
doc1.Name = FileContent + 1

'------------------------------------------------- Stores New Proof Number

Open FilePath For Output As TextFile
On Error Resume Next
Print #TextFile, ActiveDocument.Name
Close TextFile

Optimization = True

'------------------------------------------------- Adds Pages to Document

Dim p1 As Page
Set p1 = ActiveDocument.InsertPagesEx(1, False, ActivePage.Index, 8.5, 11#)
p1.Name = "Proof"
Dim p2 As Page
Set p2 = ActiveDocument.InsertPagesEx(1, False, p1.Index, 8.5, 11#)
p2.Name = "CutFile"
ActivePage.Name = "Mat"

'------------------------------------------------- Opens Metadata Form
'saveMetaData.Show vbModeless

Optimization = False
Exit Sub

MsgBox "Something Went Wrong..." & vbCr & "Error occured: " & Err.Description
Resume ExitSub

End Sub