Warning: Don't use Corel 2019 with VBA.

Guys, on Monday I worked ~ 4 hours to create my first CDR 2019 document with macros. An algorithm ensures, that the document is saved from time to time, those macros should process images from a folder and save the output in a new folder. After the last image had been created, my document with macros had been saved, and I finished my work.
Today I want to use the macros again, opened my document, but there hadn't been any VBA code anymore. The last processed image had been saved with the document, but no VBA-Code is in.
I also did a small test: I created a new document, wrote a small 'Hello World' Sub, where the document gets saved as well. I ran it, closed it and reopened it: No VBA anymore.

If you want to use VBA, avoid Corel 2019!