What is my code missing?

I make a selection (top) and then run my macro and though the macro does fine it leaves the selection in this state (bottom) whereby requiring me to deselect and select again

What is my code missing?

Sub BreakDimensions()
Optimization = True
ActiveDocument.BeginCommandGroup "BreakDimension"
Dim sr As ShapeRange, s As Shape
Set sr = ActiveSelectionRange
For Each s In sr
If Not s.Type = cdrLinearDimensionShape Then
End If
Next s
Optimization = False
End Sub

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  • I have the macro to break the dimensions of the selected then group it all so I can resize it without screwing up the dimensions

    BTW, why do you need to break dimensions when you can simply disable their automatic change ?

    After this you can resize source shape without screwing up the dimensions, size numbers will remain the same

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