Global Macros

Thank to information proved on this forum, I was able to massage my GobalMacro.GMS to have CorelDRAW open a file with certain characteristics for my workflow.

Public Sub GlobalMacroStorage_DocumentOpen(ByVal Doc As Document, ByVal FileName As String)
ActiveDocument.Metadata.Author = "Roy D. Brewer"
ActiveDocument.Metadata.Copyright = "Engraving Concepts 2019"

With ActiveDocument.MasterPage
     .PrintExportBackground = False
     .Background = cdrPageBackgroundSolid
     .Color.RGBAssign 255, 255, 200
End With

'following puts rulers 0,0 at U/L
     'ActiveDocument.DrawingOriginX = -1 * (ActivePage.SizeWidth / 2)
     'ActiveDocument.DrawingOriginY = ActivePage.SizeHeight / 2

'following puts rulers 0,0 at L/L corrects 2019 problem
     ActiveDocument.DrawingOriginX = -ActivePage.SizeWidth / 2
     ActiveDocument.DrawingOriginY = -ActivePage.SizeHeight / 2

End Sub

I now have a light yellow background when I open or create a document.
However,  I'd like have that background if I imported a file.  Is there code for that to be put into the GlobalMacros.GMS?