How to call our .NET functions from GMS file?

I wrote a VB.NET dll file to use with CorelDRAW. I know how to call my DLL functions from within Docker, but how do I do it from GMS file?

Looking up on the internet, they said I need to 'export' my functions on the DLL file. But how?

Here's the contents of my GMS file:

Public Declare PtrSafe Sub CG_Publish Lib "CG_FileManagement.dll" Alias "CG_Publish" ()

Public Sub Publish()
End Sub

And here is the Main function of the DLL file...

Module Main
    Dim cdraw As Corel.Interop.VGCore.Application = NewCDRApp.AppDraw

    Public Sub CG_Publish()
        Dim publish As New MainForm
    End Sub

End Module