Whats new in the Object Model for CorelDRAW 2023

I have created a new blog post for what is new in the Object Model for CorelDRAW 2023. This post also points out some of the changes for the "One-Time Purchase" 2023 Version. I hope this post will be helpful to everyone:

Differences between VGCore (2022) and VGCore (2023)

I also thought it might be helpful to have some code examples for the new Variable Outlines.

Variable Outline Code Examples

Happy coding, 


  • Perfect, thank you very much for the post, it will be very useful for sure! Success there always!

  • Hello, I have a problem with Color model when I began to use version 22 (2020).
    I usually do an analysis of group objects and get information about All Pantone Colors in Selection:
    clr.SpotColorID, clr.SpotColorName, clr.PaletteIdentifier.

    I painted First object from Palette Spot V4-Coated. Document Palette get this color.
    if I have painted other object from Document Palette that I get two different color elements (my Analysis macros ) : clr.SpotColorID, clr.PaletteIdentifier.

    I didn't have this problem in earlier versions.
    I have read yours posts about change model in oberonplace.com, but i didn't find about.
    How do you decide the problem in your Replacer macro?

    Document Palette has a life of her own and hasn't Link with original Palette. This is very bad.