Macro Request

We need a custom macro that will:

  • Read from an excel file
    1. Base file
    2. Top Text
    3. Bottom Text
    4. Center Image
    5. Center Text
    6. Filename
    7. CDR Path
    8. EPS Path
    9. PNG Path
  • Import the base file
  • Put the top text curved around the circle top quadrant
  • Put the bottom text curved around the circle bottom quadrant
  • Import the Center Image (if this column is filled out, if not ignore)
  • Place text below the center image (if this column is filled out, if not ignore)
  • Outline with a cyan cutline
  • Save the file as a CDR file in the CDR path
  • Export the file as EPS file in the EPS path
  • Delete the cut path
  • Export the file as a transparent PNG @ with a max width or height of 1400 pixels
  • Close the file without saving again
  • Loop through the CSV file

We will pay for this macro. Please see the attached files to see examples of what we are trying to make.

  • I can do that...

    How soon do you need that kind of application? I have in mind a .GMS file which will have a form keeping some controls. One of them should be a Browse button to give you the possibility to select the appropriate Excel file. If you will set a specific folder to always keep such files you will be sent directly in that directory. Its path will be shown in a text box of that form. If you prefer another method to select the necessary Excel file, please define it.

    Maybe it will be good/nice to fill some form labels with some of your variable data, just in order to be sure that you selected what you need, ore the Excel file has correctly been filled. Or not, if you appreciate it is not necessary.

    We must set the cdrUnit. To be inch or millimeters in order to properly 'understand' the variable data from your Excel file. If you will use both measure units, an Excel new column will be fit with a variable able to define that.

    When you refer at 'CSV file', do you mean that 'excel file'? Probably, Comma or Tab Delimited...?

    How would you like to proceed? Would you send me (my mail account in my profile) some samples? Let's say, an Excel/CSV file keeping the variable data and the result which you would like to pe produced? Do you have anything else in your mind, from this point of view?

    In what Corel version would you like the application to work?  Is X8 good enough? Does it work in both variants 64 and 32bit?