Animated GIF Macro Request

Hi all here on the developer area.

Can anyone help me to create a Macro that will Export "multiple Pages" from Corel Draw into one big Animated GIF?

In other words: every Page should be a separate Frame in the animated Gif. [Page 1=Frame 1, Page 2=Frame 2, etc.]

My Draw file is around 35-40 pages (=frames), its to hard to import every page to PP and to combine withe the bacground... or to import all images into a GIF creator. can this be done via macro? (i do this kind of work a lot, so it will be a great time saver).

A Macro like this will be cool and fun Thanks in advance!

(i know how to handle macros, but i can't write them alone. any help will be appreciated!)


Here is an example:

  +   +   +   +   +   +   +