VBScript export to Jpeg removes EXIF information

Hi everybody, 

   I have a bit of a problem. When I export selection to jpeg using menu File/Export, it creates EXIF header in JPEG, which I use later for database processing. It puts keyword, subject and notes information there.  We have order number stored there.

   I want to make exports faster, so I have created macro for export. But when I export using that macro, there is no EXIF information in JPEG. Is there some way to change this behavior ?

Thanks a lot  

EDIT : I am using CorelDraw 2019

Script is like this :

Dim cesta As String
Dim opt As New StructExportOptions
Dim OriginalFileName As String
Dim expflt As ExportFilter

cesta = "M:\CORELDAT 2019\_email\" + CStr(Year(Date)) + "\"

ActiveDocument.Unit = cdrInch
opt.AntiAliasingType = cdrNormalAntiAliasing
opt.ImageType = cdrRGBColorImage
opt.Overwrite = True
opt.ResolutionX = 300
opt.ResolutionY = 300
opt.SizeX = opt.ResolutionX * ActiveSelectionRange.SizeWidth
opt.SizeY = opt.ResolutionY * ActiveSelectionRange.SizeHeight

' save before export, so you do not suffer when cdrw crashes

OriginalFileName = Left(ActiveDocument.FileName, Len(ActiveDocument.FileName) - 4) + ".jpg"

Set expflt = ActiveDocument.ExportEx(cesta + OriginalFileName, cdrJPEG, cdrSelection, opt)

With expflt
.Compression = 80
.Optimized = True
.Smoothing = 50
.SubFormat = 1
.Progressive = False
End With