Very nice tool that makes VBA life easier.

Hello, all.

Usually all I do is ask questions here, but decided to share something useful I found as well.

Five years ago I was looking for something that would help with code indentation.

At the time Smart Indenter from Office Automation worked quite nicely (although sometimes it would get confused by Labels and such), but then it did not work with 64-bit VBA.

MZ-Tools is great, but costs money... Which is a silly point, but still. If you don't use VBA too often or make complex projects it may also feel a little overkill.

So anyway - in a YouTube video comment I found this excellent tool which seemed to be very efficient at avoiding being found by google:

For me the main function was VBA code indentation, but it has plenty to offer besides that as well.

Hopefully this is useful to someone here.

  • Actually after using it a little more I have run into a problem (at least in CorelDRAW 2018). Insane CPU usage right from the start and advanced functions that deal with code analysis are not available.

    Could someone please check how it behaves in their CorelDRAW?

  • Perhaps someone who knows a little more on the way CorelDRAW handles VBA could have a look at this discussion?

    Is there any way to fix this without having changes in a newer version of CorelDRAW?