Is there a way to change the colors when tracing something via code?

Hello all!

A question has come up concerning bitmap tracing and colors when using VBA. Is there a way to change/merge the colors as available via the PowerTRACE window? And/or load a palette as available there?

Currently I tried it like this, with zero results (Tracing takes place and that is it. No commands work after that). Hopefully someone can suggest a solution.

Sub TraceTest()
    With ActiveShape.Bitmap.Trace(cdrTraceClipart, 10 * 2.55, 45 * 2.55, cdrColorRGB, , 4, False, , False)
        'I assumed it would be possible to assing colors like this, but it does not work
        'No idea how to fix it.
        .Color(1).RGBAssign 255, 0, 0
    End With
End Sub