Curve.Area partially returns wrong area?

Hi all,

When I try to read the area size of a curve it does not always match the expectation.

How to reproduce:

Create a Text with an "o" and set the size of it to 20 cm width (the height will be 22.263 cm). The box containing the "o" therefore equals 445,26 cm².

Convert the object to a curve, select it and run the macro:

Sub AreaTest()
    ActiveDocument.Unit = cdrCentimeter
    MsgBox ActiveSelection.Shapes(1).Curve.Area

End Sub

It will return 530.57. So how can the area of that "o" be bigger than the actual box around it? The "o" as a curve contains of 2 segments:

The "o" itself as a full block and its hallmark (is that the word used in english for that?). The returned value from above equals the area of both of these objects, however it should be the bigger minus the smaller value. This problem occurs with all objects that have hallmarks, all others work great.

Is this intended how it is? If so I find it very questionable that an area is returned that is just not correct from a visual point of view. I used  another tool on the market to compare, and it does the job as I would expect

Can someone test this is the same in other versions of CorelDraw (I use 2021)? Is there a quick workaround maybe that I oversee?

Thanks for any help