Installing on SE and Normal Version without setup tool

On my developer computer i can start on every version on corel my docker addon.

But when i send the folder to my client and my client copy this folder to the right installation path ..../Addons/.... it not selectable in corel.
When i send a Enter caption simple test project, it is slectable but without function.
The reason why i do this, because my clients have only the SE version. And the installer not copy to SE version.
But on my developer computer i can copy the folder manualy to the SE Corel addons folder and it works. I need only to add the empty file "DrawSE.addon"

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  • 1. Can you explain what 'Special Edition' brings more (or less)? I never used it...

    2. What 'VersionMajor` does it display trying 'Application.VersionMajor`? X6 = 16, X7 = 17, X8 = 18, 2017 = 19, 2018 = 20, 2019 = 21, 2020 = 22 etc. What such a version does SE return? Using it you can activate a specific Corel version window. Using `Set corel = CreateObject("CorelDRAW.Application." & Vers)`, where 'Vers' is the version in discussion, you can activate the one you need, even if more versions are simultaneously open. I think you can also find the installation path looking in the Registry. Do you mean that you can find (programmatically or manually) the installation folder, but you cannot see the Addons folder? If yes, but it exists, you should write the path in Explorer and hit 'Enter'. Or programmatically using `Call Shell("explorer.exe" & " """ & "C:\Program Files\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020\Programs64\Addons" & """", vbNormalFocus)`. Of course, using the path where you suppose to be the Addons folder in case of this peculiar version...