Tabs? Could we pleeeeeeeeeeeese have our non-auto docking, auto-resizing windows back?

I've upgraded from X6 and Tabs are driving me insane. I drag in any number of images to view and work on them side by side. What do I need? - auto-resizing, floating windows and all the real estate I can muster.

1) Sure, open images using Open or Open Recent... and if the Option is set to "Open documents in floating window" they will open in floating windows, but drag them in from Windows Explorer and they tab. Can we have consistency here? Better still, can we get rid of tabs?

2) Tabs should be optional. They take up real estate and get in the way of working with multiple images.

3) The snap feature which opens the image to full workspace should also be an option. Why should I have to use Ctrl just to dock windows across the top? Lunacy.

4) no auto-resize of the floating window? Seriously? I mean, seriously? Corel clearly wants me to use tabs, but seriously, no auto-resize of the windows? Really? How many lines of coding must that have saved?

Here's where I'm coming from. I use SolidEdge CAD and when they introduced a revolutionary non-history-based method of creating 3D objects they had the good sense to maintain the old history-based method for those who preferred it. Everybody was happy. Cannot the same be done here and allow floating windows exactly as they were in X6, just for those of us who prefer/need that way of working?