Grouping Problems

I've been pulling my hair out for a while with some of the frustrating behavior in recent editions of Photo-Paint.  Lately I've been trying, when I can, to reproduce the issues in the most basic steps possible (if I can figure out what's actually causing the behavior).  Here's another one that drives me crazy on a daily basis:

  1. Create three objects.
  2. Group two of them -- call this Group A.
  3. Group the third object (we'll call this the solo object) with Group A -- call this Group B.
  4. Click the solo object and the whole group is selected.  Drag it around and the whole group moves.  Perfect -- works as expected.
  5. Click on either object in Group A.  Only Group A is selected.  Drag the objects around and Group A move independently of Group B that it belongs to.
  6. You can keep repeating this by nesting more groups.

When clicking an object, Photo-Paint is searching for its group in the wrong order -- it's selecting the inner-most group that the object belongs to instead of the outermost.  Either that, or it's only considering an object's immediate parent group, and not the parent group of its parent group, etc.

Again, this makes it horribly painful to work with groups when objects just won't act like a group.  I can't even SELECT the outer group without using the Object Manager unless I can find a solo object within the group.  If the group is made up of two other groups, it's impossible to click on any of the objects and select the outer group.  The Object Manager is the only way... and that often involves clicking on multiple groups to find the right one.

Photo-Paint has some real problems with grouping and z-ordering and it wasn't always like this.

I tested this in the Corel Photo-Paint 2019 demo and this problem, along with the other problems I posted to this forum, still exist in that version as well.