Get User Click Coreldraw VBA

Guys Wondering if you can help

I use the following code so that when I click on the drawing screen it places a circle at that point

        Dim sr As ShapeRange, s As Shape
        Dim x#, y#, w#, h#, dOffset#
    Dim doc As Document, retval As Long
    Dim origx As Double, origy As Double, origw As Double, origh As Double
    Dim xxx As Double, yyy As Double, shift As Long
    Dim RH As Double
    Set doc = ActiveDocument
    ActiveDocument.Unit = cdrMillimeter
    ActiveDocument.ReferencePoint = cdrCenter
    retval = doc.GetUserClick(xxx, yyy, shift, 10, False, cdrCursorWinCross)
    If OptionButton1.value = True Then RH = 2.4 / 2
    If OptionButton2.value = True Then RH = 3.4 / 2
    If OptionButton3.value = True Then RH = 5.4 / 2
    If OptionButton4.value = True Then RH = 4.4 / 2
    Set s = ActiveLayer.CreateEllipse2(xxx, yyy, RH, RH)
    s.Fill.UniformColor.RGBAssign 0, 0, 0
    If OptionButton5.value = True Then MsgBox "single"
    If OptionButton6.value = True Then MsgBox "multiple"

This Works fine but I have to click the button each time I want to put a circle on the screen

Is there a way of having it so that the user click stays active until the user either presses esc or clicks another button?

I want to be able to put multiple circles down without have to click the button to activate.

Many Thanks