Joining Nodes

I have CorelDraw 2019 and I need help with Joing Nodes?

In CorelDraw 11 if I had a Vertical Line and a Horizontal Line on top and I waned them to be Joined on the Left I did this.

I would Select the Vertical and Horizontal Line then go to Align Left.

Then with them Both still selected I would go to Combine in the Menu Bar then Click my Shape Tool and I can Drag the top Node of the Vertical to the Horizontal Node.

And they would snap to gather as One Object.

But in CorelDraw 2019 things are not the same.

If I select my Vertical Line and my Horizontal Line I do not go to Combine anymore this will just keep them as is but Group them.

So I select Both Lines then Click my Shape Tool and pick my top Node on the Vertical Line and Drag it up to the Horizontal Node but they never Snap to gather like in CorelDraw 11 can anybody help me?

When you Drag a Node on top of another Node it should change to a Dabble Arrow to let you know they are on top of one another but it does not.

Thanks for the Time.