2019 version doesn't let me keep pictures outside the box

I know the description is a bit cryptic but I'll try to explain. When I am working with multiple pages I routinely leave clipart outside the designated page outline so I can place it on other pages later.   I recently bought Corel Draw 2019 and everything I leave on one page, even though it is outside the designated page outline, disappears when I go to another page.  Basically they stay with the page that I imported them on even though they are not in the page area.  Previous versions I had didn't have this problem.  If the clipart was outside the workspaces page lines, I could see them on any page I opened to.  You see in the sample on the left, the star is outside the page outline.   I previous versions the star would have shown up on the second page but on 2019 it doesnt.  Anyone know a way to turn this off?