I need the ability of customize tools and keys, how can I do that?.

I just got the Mac version and it is like learning new software I don't understand why we can not customize the tool bars as need it I understand that some shortcut will be a problem but I need my icons on the tool bars.

Illustrator an Photoshop are able to do it, how can we do it in CorelDraw?

Help me please?

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  • I read the answer form Gerard and that didn't say anything. Thats like you going to the mechanic after buying a new car and asking why does it make that noise and they say oh well because it just does. 

    I could not find anything in Corel draw showing how to customize your tools. Thats why I keep saying that this is extremely dissatisfying!!! especially for the price they are asking. I rather keep using windows in parallels and using Corel in that system. besides it runs faster. its super sad that Corel didn't take their time to do things right.